Honor Ruth Bader Ginsberg's legacy by helping flip the Senate, and win the presidency, to Save the Supreme Court.


Ruth Bader Ginsberg ("RBG") was an awesome, very liberal, Supreme Court Justice. She died on Friday, September 18, 2020 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.


Of the 9 seats on the Supreme Court, 5 are held by conservatives. Trump – with help from Senate Republicans – could fill RBG's seat with an ultra-conservative judge, giving them a 6-3 advantage.

This means that the court could easily overturn marriage equality, abortion rights, or future legislation enacted by Democrats, including Medicare for All and police reforms.

Amy Coney Barrett

With Pres. Trump choosing Amy Coney Barrett to fill the seat once held by RBG, it's clear what the strategy is for the future of the Supreme Court: Overturn Roe vs. Wade, the landmark decision that made abortion legal in the United States.

The right-wing has been chipping away at abortion access for years now, but a woman with anti-abortion views on the Supreme Court – who shifts the balance of power clearly into the conservative side of things – is obviously intended to put the nail in the coffin for abortion.

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This text was edited from an email by Ryan Grim, on his email list "Bad News".

Updated 2020-09-25:

Republicans hold 53 seats in the Senate, which is the chamber of Congress that votes on appointing Supreme Court justices nominated by the president. Because they have that majority, their "majority leader," Mitch McConnell (from Kentucky), gets to decide what votes happen in the Senate – he has ultimate power on that decision! If we take away that majority, by flipping the Senate (voting out some Republican senators and replacing them with Democrats), then McConnell's just a guy from Louisville who commutes to Washington to object to whatever Democrats are doing.

There are at least 13 Senate races where Democrats could replace Republican senators: Arizona, Maine, Colorado, Montana, North Carolina, Georgia, Georgia (there are two seats up for re-election in this state), Alaska, Iowa, South Carolina, Texas, and Kansas.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell himself is also being challenged by Amy McGrath, running as a member of the Democratic Party. She already has a TON of money, but it currently looks unlikely that she will win her race against McConnell – perhaps even less likely than the Democratic Party challengers winning against the Republican senators in deeply conservative Mississippi and West Virginia!

As of Saturday, September 26, it appears that Donald Trump has chosen a nominee. The majority leader, McConnell, has said he intends to try and fill the Supreme Court vacancy as soon as possible – probably before the election.

But the idea that Republicans are going to attempt to fill a new lifetime appointment – by an impeached president – in the middle of an election is pretty unpopular. 52 percent of respondents have said that Congress should wait, while only 39 percent have said Trump should fill the seat now.

While flipping this Supreme Court seat from RBG – a very liberal justice – to a very conservative justice is the culmination of Republican hopes for many years now, the prospect of losing even more seats than they expect might scare some Senators away from acting too rashly.

With almost a dozen of Senate seats in play, some senators might want to drag their feet a bit. We know that Senator Lisa Murkowski (from Alaska) has said she won’t approve a new nominee before the election. And Senator Susan Collins (from Maine) has said, "the decision on a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court should be made by the President who is elected on November 3rd." She's in a very vulnerable seat so at serious risk of feeling the wrath of voters. But we also know she often makes pronouncements like this – and then later goes back on her word by making excuses.

That means the Republicans are at only 52 votes for sure, and maybe even down to 51 votes. If McConnell loses 2 more votes, he can't pass the nominee.

If, for some reason, the nominee is not able to get their hearings and be approved before the election, there's the Lame Duck session of Congress: While many senators are not up for re-election, and most who are up for re-election will win, it's possible that many will be voted out, but they'll still have their Senate seats between Election Day and inauguration in January.

If the Democratic Party wins on Election Day, McConnell and the Republicans would be highly motivated to fill the vacancy during the lame duck session in November or December. They will have already lost the election, but will be retaining power until January, so there's no political cost for them to use the power they still have and appoint someone.

There's a hitch, though: Astronaut and husband of former Rep. Gabby Giffords (who had to leave Congress after becoming a victim of a mass shooting in her district), Mark Kelly, is running for a special election in Arizona and he is expected to win. He's a Democrat, and if he's elected he could be sworn in as a senator in November or December, before inauguration in January. That takes the Senate Republican majority down to just 52.

With Murkowski (from Alaska) already saying she won't vote to fill the vacancy, that means the Republicans are now at 51 votes. That's a slim margin! And it means we might be able to influence what happens.

Democrats have talked about increasing the size of the Supreme Court from 9 to 13 justices, which would make 7 liberals and 6 conservatives – this is called "packing the court." In the process, Democrats could also add scores of lower level judges, undoing McConnell’s signature achievement of taking over the federal bench with right-wing zealots. This is an extremely bad prospect for Republicans, as it would erase all their recent gains on the courts.

If the Republicans think the threat of Democrats expanding the majority (if they win) is real enough, they might cut a deal with the Democrats – something like, "We won't vote on a nominee, as long as you don't expand the Supreme Court." They will probably think it's better to have their current 5-4 margin (allowing the Democrats to appoint a moderate or liberal) than a much less powerful one.

But if we get to the election and anything doesn't go our way? Well, we could be in trouble.

For example, if Biden wins, but the Democrats don't flip the Senate, then there's no reason for Republicans to wait on appointing a Trump nominee. They know anyone Biden nominates will be liberal or moderate, and they don't want that, so better to go ahead and appoint someone before Biden takes office.

If the Democrats flip the Senate, but Biden loses, then there's no reason for Republicans to wait on appointing a Trump nominee. They know Democrats would reject any future nominees from Trump, and they don't want to end up having Trump forced into picking someone more moderate.

In either of those cases, Murkowski, Romney, Collins, and maybe even some other senators might be persuaded not to vote in the lame duck session. That's why we need to pressure them as much as possible!

If Biden wins, and the Democrats take the Senate – and the Republican targets we mentioned refuse to vote on a nominee before the election – then we've won.

We want to delay everything as much as possible, doing whatever we can to force Republicans to wait. The hope is that we can win the Senate and the presidency and stop them from appointing someone terrible.

The only good news – among the loss of a RBG, and the threat of a new conservative judge – is that more people than ever are galvanized to vote. We just need to help them do that.

We have to do everything we can to stop this, but it's possible it might not be enough.

In that event, we have to make sure – if the Democrats win – that they take the necessary steps to re-establish balance to the courts. This could mean pushing them to...

> Add more justices
> Impeach Neal Gorsuch (who's seat was stolen from Pres. Obama by McConnell)
> Impeach whomever is appointed before the election (because they were nominated by an impeached president)
> Or other creative ideas, like this one.

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